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The fresh spring air is beginning to fill our lungs. As things begin to thaw and life renews, the spring cleaning bug will begin creeping in. With a renewed energy, now is the time to make those changes to your company that you were too tired to try out in the dark, cold months of winter. Here are three ways you can give your business a little facelift and ignite some new energy into your workflow this spring.

1. Come up with a new workflow that will be easy to learn and easy to use:

How are you keeping records of timesheets, schedules, projects and budgets? If you are still going the ol’ excel path, maybe it’s time to consider a platform that will consolidate all of your information. Check out some of these organization tools. Find something that is geared toward your line of business. Are you a digital design firm? Try out Airtable, with so many templates you won’t even have to start from scratch in building your database. It can be up and running in a few days, and you’ll begin to have a better grasp on what’s happening in your company.
It is important to try to make it as streamlined and simple to use as possible for your employees so they are more likely to keep up with tracking their projects. After a long day of work the last thing they are going to want to do is spend an hour cataloguing all of their daily chores.

2. Keep track of your analytics:

Are you using video, social media, blogs, podcasts, or any form of media to reel in some new clients? If you haven’t already, make sure to set up a tracker for those analytics. Sure, analytics will help you see how many views and impressions you’ve gotten. But with some more intricate analytics platforms, you can see how people are interacting with your content. Are they clicking on your “follow us” button? Are they skipping over parts of your video? Other features include things like tracking where the majority of your audience is coming from, or how they are accessing your content (native search, linked from social media, etc.) Here are some of the top analytics platforms people are raving about.

3. Bring in some fresh leads!

Now that you are tracking your business activities, and have a better grasp on how your posts are performing, you are ready to start bringing in some new leads. Not sure where to begin? Read this blog for a little inspiration on how to get the right clients for you.
“Re-Brand” Your business and take on some new and fresh ideas. Here is a little video inspiration if you are having trouble getting started:

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