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The 3 Videos EVERY Company Should Be Using Online

Sep 11, 2017

There are three Videos EVERY company should have and should be using both on their website, on Youtube and on their social media accounts. The logic is simple: these three videos each represent a partition in the best practice sales conversion pyramid. If you’re unfamiliar with this inverted pyramid, here’s an explanation of how it breaks down the most common patterns of online behavior that lead to sales conversion:

  1. AWARENESS: a potential customer becomes aware that your brand exists, this might be via word of mouth (ideal – read more about that here), via your site on a Google search or a shared post on social media.
  2. ENGAGEMENT: there is some interaction with your brand, they might share a post or send a message or email, or join a conversation on a social media post. This stage builds trust.
  3. CONVERSION: customers compare your brand to others, they evaluate your fit and potential. This is a strong level of interest. These customers are considered very strong leads, treat them well!

As you can see, your potential customers need three types of information in a specific succession to be most likely to buy. The best and most successful way of offering this information is with 20-90 second videos, each video corresponding to the stage of behavior and the flow of the pyramid:




WHY? Why videos are about your company – they tell your unique story. The question answered by this video is: “What makes this company different, special, better?” If you sell tennis rackets, what makes you different from Wilson and your other competitors, what drives your business, what’s the aim, the culture? WHY should your potential customer become aware of your service or product?


This is an educational video that relates to the service or product you’re selling. If you sell tennis rackets, it might be tips about keeping your racket like-new for longer. HOW can your service or product specifically engage your audience – how can you add value? How can you build an online community of trusting tennis lovers for your brand?


What videos are about your product or service. They are NOT the features or specifications of your products, instead they are the benefits of a person using or experiencing it. Don’t focus on the dimensions of the tennis racket handle, focus on how the ergonomic design reduced injury. WHAT additional benefits will your customer get once they purchase?

Want some help shaping your online video strategy and producing a folio of content that your can use on your website and across your social media platforms? We can help! It’s what we LOVE to do! For more information, visit our website, email us ( or give us a call. 

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