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How to Increase Sales Using Product (Explainer) Video

Jan 2, 2019

An Explainer Video also commonly referred to as a product video is used to highlight a specific product, range of products or service. We use Explainer Videos in a range of industries from simple to complex systems to highlight the most important things a customer should know. 

Here is an example of a product explainer video we did for Pro-Tech’s new mobile container that is complex to explain all of the benefits using just words or text. But with video, our video agency was able to help them highlight this game-changing logistics container.


If you are seeking professional video production help Get A Quote from us or explore our Explainer Video Production Service. We’re passionate about helping you show what makes your product different and worth buying.

You may have noticed an increase in video across the majority of large online retailers and service providers. Whether shopping for a pair of sneakers at or choosing a hotel room for your next vacation reservation, Product Videos are prevalent. And there’s a great reason for this. They work! According to Animoto, “73% More Visitors Who Watch Product Videos Will Buy.
Let’s take a look at three additional incentives for using Product Videos:

Reduces common objections

If a potential buyer is all but convinced that your product/service will most likely meet their needs, but have one or two tiny doubts, a little confusion or a question that your description alone doesn’t address, then video will likely tidy this up and leave a clear pathway for conversion. Why? Not only will the viewer get to experience your product in action, moving in a 360 environment, but a 30 second video can convey up to 1000 x more information than a paragraph of text.“Viewers claim they retain 95% of a message when obtained via video.according to Social Media Week.

Establish buyer trust

If a customer has zero personal experience with your brand and is making an online purchase, there is a level of trust that must be developed before they can part with their hard earned cash. You know that your product is superior and your customer service is off the hook, but armed only with the information provided on your website, how does your potential customer believe this to be true? Video creates the digital version of a showroom, the customer feels as if they are being able to preview the product before committing to buy. This is why using a professional video production company is essential, low quality lighting or sound or outdated style and tone is a warning sign, whereas slick, well-produced and on-brand video is a seal of approval.58% of Shoppers Think Companies with Product Videos Can Be Trusted.”  According to Animoto

Can help reduce negative reviews or returns

Seeing your product or service in action and in a real world environment takes a lot of the guesswork out of the purchasing decision. Customers will be a lot less surprised by what arrives in the mail and this means a higher level of satisfaction. There’s nothing worse as a consumer when you await (im)patiently for the box to arrive, only to rip it open and be completely flummoxed by its contents. How many of your negative reviews, complaints or refund/return requests are due to a customer who expected it to be larger, smaller, faster, quieter, etc.? Use video to reduce buyer’s nasty surprises.57% Are Less Surprised By Products with Video.

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