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Are you looking for animated video production for online commercials? Front Runner Films can help.

Tell your story with Animation Video

We have an incredible animation team at FRF who works diligently on creating original content that is brand specific. Our animation team listens carefully to the client’s wants and comes up with a plan to tell the company’s story in the most effective way. This means hours of storyboarding: drawing each piece of the video with a description below. This is where the magic first starts. Once the storyboard is hashed out, the team gets to work bringing the idea to life. It’s a time consuming process, but we are able to control every detail and ultimately execute the video at the highest level.

Animation styles can differ based on your brand. Do you want something silly and fun? Sleek and cool? Cheeky and fresh? There are so few limits when it comes to animation, so if this is something you’re instead in, let’s start a conversation.

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